A graphic and colourful exploration of women and fashion.


“I'm Lara, I'm 35 years old. I've lived in Paris for six years. I am a lawyer by training, but I wish to stop and reconvert myself in the art world. From September, I will take drawing and art history classes as a free auditor at the Beaux Arts de Paris. I have always painted and drawn for my own pleasure. When I was younger I was already taking drawing lessons and I wanted to become a stylist. I started creating collages about 3 years ago.”


Q. What is your creative process?

A. I practice collages and a little bit of painting, especially abstract painting. I like to hijack fashion images by shifting them and mixing photos and paintings.


Q. Is art therapeutic for you?

A. Totally! When I'm not well or I'm anxious, creating is the best way out. Art allows me to escape and express myself. I have also met new people through my interest in art in general.


Q. Who are the contemporaries or art history figures who influenced you?

A. I love modern art (Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian...) and pop art. I also appreciate the impressionism movement. The world of fashion through his photographs touches me a lot (whether it's well-known photographers like Guy Bourdin, Irving Penn, Avedon...or more confidential ones)... In short, everything that revolves around the image.


Q. What messages or emotions do you hope to convey to your audience?

A. That beauty in the broadest sense is not just a specific idea but refers to all types of shapes, colours and people. That everything can be diverted, especially the sometimes too smooth or serious images of fashion.


Q. What are you most proud of?

A. When I want something I can move mountains. My will has no limits. I am proud of this trait. But I'm not proud of one thing in particular.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. I find a lot of inspiration in two main things: fashion photography and in art in general, especially through the painters I love and the exhibitions of artists I do in Paris. But a landscape can also inspire me especially in terms of colors.







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