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In order to better support the artists and artistic performers on the difficult path leading to public and critics’ recognition, MAZART production offers tailor-made tools: texts, videos and exhibitions...

  • Texts reflecting who you are!

A piece of art can usually speak for itself and sometimes, additional dialogue around the piece can become useless commentary. However, an appropriate text allows us to gain more perspective on the personal history of the author as well as his or her artistic approach and, as such, remains a very effective efficient means of illuminating the work and the intention behind it.

MAZART productions, with its team of Art History specialists and journalists, canadapt to your needs and provide you with pertinent texts for your exhibitions, high qualityscripts for your catalogues, as well as press releases that may be required for communication purposes.


  • Films highlighting your artistic approach!

MAZART production team is perfectly aware of the digital transformation in the way we engage with cultural information and we design, create and produce audiovisual content with artists.

From simple trailers (2 minutes) to face-to-face interviews (8-10 minutes) and even documentary-style pieces (16-18 minutes), choose the format that best suits your communication needs. You will have access to professional cameramen, video editors and journalists; a team well qualified to show case your work.


  • Exhibitions and events!

The most important moment in an artist carrier centers around the exhibiting of his/her artwork – events that demands time and attention, detracting from one’s creative output and production.

Thanks to our partners in Paris and within the region, MAZART production can organize these exhibitions for you, both individual or collective.

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