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Adélaïde Maillard

Self-taught artist and student at the Ateliers des Beaux Arts de Paris, Adélaïde has been painting and drawing since her teenage years.

Born in the French countryside, she grew up close to nature. In particular, nature is part of the framework of her creation. More precisely, her subjects of inspiration are the flower and the female body.


"I work both on large formats of paper and canvas of cotton and linen, but also in smaller formats and in series. For my works, I diversify the techniques, acrylic, dry and greasy pastel, black stone pencil and charcoal. I work with a brush as well as with a finger. Working with the finger allows me to mix, give relief, stain, dirty, scratch: it is a very liberating practice. It helps me to escape, to make my energy, my feelings or my moods of the moment explode. The latter influence the choice of shades and colors."

Q. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist…

A. Self-taught artist, I paint and draw since my young age. I have been a student at Ateliers Beaux Arts de Paris since 2017 and an auditor at the Louvre school since 2020.

Born in the French countryside, I grew up close to nature. Nature is particularly part of the framework of my creation. More precisely, my subjects of inspiration are the flower and the female body.

Since 2015, my journey first led me to work in a figurative way. Later with my entry into Ateliers Beaux Arts I discovered expressionist, abstract artists : my approach changed. I moved towards a kind of abstraction, choosing in particular to study and interpret a flower: the anemone coronaria.

More recently, in particular by discovering movements in my work, I added gestures, fragments of female bodies. The flower and the human body each sum up in their own way: Life, Death, renewal, passing of time. This is what I want to transcribe.


Q. Describe your work in three words…

A. Movements, nuances, energies 


Q. When do you make your best work?

A. In the morning, light is new and pure, it is a great moment for me to create. I also like this moment of the day as every morning is a new beginning. I take every day as a change to make something different and impactful.


Q. What influences do traditional cultures have on your work?

A. Behaviors, believes, values have a strong influence in my subject choice as well as the material chosen. Ones of my core values are defined by Freedom, Beauty, Authenticity.

Q. Silence or sound while creating? If sound, what?

A. All the time and any kind. Maybe I have some preferences: folk/acoustic, classical music (piano)


Q. Is art making therapeutic for you?

A. The creative process, play piano, practice ballet, walk around a museum, watch a wildlife or art documentary: all that kind of activities are very therapeutic for me since my young age. It helps me to refocus on something real and sane. It is a liberating process.


Q. What are you most proud of?

A. The evolution I have in my work. Time is building human path on every subject; creative process is one of them.


Q. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

A. I would love to realize three things: have a big atelier to create and to make my mess without cleaning it everyday - experience other techniques: painting on walls, creating objects


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