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Dalel Ouasli


Raised in South of France, surrounded by nature and culture, I was inspired by the scenic beauty of Provence, which has touched so many artists such as Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso.

Today, I am exploring a cultural patchwork with combinations of harmonious forms and colors which evoke the fusion of Mediterranean and western cultures.

There is certainly something sensitive and naif in my paintings. I paint mainly with oil and I use a lot of colors in flat areas. I paint a lot of women, plants and flowers.

" Expressing a few words about Dalel's artistic work leads me in my thoughts to discuss Johanness Itten who taught at the Bauhaus at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany.

Itten had demonstrated with his original pedagogy the correspondence between painting and the artist's appearance. "There is an analogy between an individual's physiological forms and the artistic forms he creates. That is exactly the perception I felt when I looked at Dalel's works.

With her frank and laughing eyes, her openness, her frankness, Dalel paints and draws in the same way with decision and spontaneity.

The flat shapes organized in harmonious rhythms illustrate the solid simplicity that characterizes her paintings.

It's soft and joyful colours opened a very promising imaginative universe where it is nice to let yourself be taken..."


Marie Boisson, Sculpteur.

It is a journey in the self that I undertake or that I try to accomplish through my paintings.

My painting style is largely influenced by some of the classic artist such as Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse. Photos and music also touch my soul and inspire me.

Traveling is also a great source of inspiration, as my travel I meet various people, smell new perfumes am surrounded with. I am sensitive to the different colors and lighting of the nature and environment around me.

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