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Jérémie Iordanoff



Welcome to the studio of Jérémie Iordanoff, a Montpellier based artist whose works of art combine aspects of painting and drafting to achieve unique pieces.



Galerie Frammenti - Montpellier, France

Epidaure (ICM) - Montpellier, France

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Q. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist…

A. With time, you eventually become an artist in the eyes of people. I like to think I could have done something else.  


Q. Describe your work in three words…

A. Accumulative, Uncertain, Timeless  


Q. What does your creative process look like?

A. I proceed without sketches, by overlaying different patterns or putting patterns next to each other. With the help of the precious time, the art is building up by itself.  


Q. Where do you draw inspiration from?

A.  I have some in my memory from the first arts to Ancient Rome or modern abstract painters but I don’t think I have a special source of inspiration. My work is mostly build on itself with extention, variation and by accident.


Q. What messages or emotions would you to communicate to your audience?

A. There is no message in my work. If I wanted to communicate something about my work it would be the taste of observation.  


Q. Who are some contemporaries or figures in art history who have influenced you?

A. Difficult question...I would quote four modern artists : Paul Klee, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Sonia Delaunay, Mark Rothko.  


Q. Are there any quotes or mantras that you particularly connect with?

A. "L’indicible est essentiel".  


Q. Silence or sound while you are working? If so, which sound?

A. France Culture radio and silence.


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