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Mikaella Theofanopoulou


The rising artist who embraces the Wabi-Sabi philosophy. Her drawings could illustrate a curious, different and minimalist tale.


Mikaella Theofanopoulou or M_theta_ on Instagram, is an Athens (Greece) based independent artist and designer, born in Tokyo (Japan). After receiving her Master, in Applied Design in Architecture from Oxford School of Architecture, she engaged with interior design, drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of the wabi-sabi philosophy.

Her obsessive admiration for the clean lines&organic forms of interiors of unobtrusive beauty, stimulated her to shift her perspective towards the creation of artworks that reveal this kind of authenticity.

Drawing her inspiration from minimalism to expressionism, she communicates her abstract ideas with a refined single line visual language, perceived universally, but subject to multiple interpretations.

Her art is all about exploring genuineness in existing imperfection through the simplicity of a single line, rejecting everything superfluous.

Her works invite you to discover that the most intricate sentiment can emerge even from a smooth, subtle line.


Q. Artist whose career you covet?

A. Since my main studies were in Architecture, my first inspiration, was Le Corbusier. His rejection of excess, emphasis on materials' selection and aesthetics of creating clean forms, made me understand the basics of the Modernist Movement. I am also motivated by Alvar Aalto's humanistic approach in different structures, Tadao Ando's Japanese philosophy to represent the beauty of simplicity and Frank Gehry's buildings that resemble to sculptures. I admire Brancusi's redefinition of non representational figures, I adore Picasso's analytic or synthetic cubist drawings and Matisse's variety of colours and forms in his famous cut-outs.


Q. When do you make your best work?

A. During weekend's peaceful, sunny mornings. If I happen to be somewhere having sea view, then my day becomes much more inspiring. Loving the sound the sea waves are making when rise and fall, they 'exhale' freedom and imagination.


Q. Silence or sound while creating?

A. ALWAYS Sound. YouTube and Spotify do all the work. Depending on  my mood, music can range from Classical to Piano Concerts and from Jazz and Chill to Relaxing, Meditation, Healing Sounds of Nature (Bamboo Forest Sounds, Waterfall, Birds Singing etc.)

Q. What messages or emotions do you hope to convey to your audience?

A. When simplicity and elimination of any unnecessary features in art can evoke sentiments and create feelings, then this is the absolute success for a minimalist artist like me. Wish my artworks can stimulate people to experience joy, pleasure, to develop self-awareness and motivate them to reduce stress and feel calmer.


Q. If you could have a drink with one artist, who would it be?

A. I would gladly transfer myself back to the 1920's to have a glass of wine with Picasso, in Paris. I am pretty sure I will always answer 'Picasso' to that question.


Q. If you could travel anywhere to create for a while, where would you go?

A. An atelier filled with sun, in an old historic building, with large metal windows from floor to ceiling,  in the heart of Montmartre with views over Paris, would certainly do...


Q. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

A. I dream of creating art that fills large walls or canvases that could be seen from a long distance. Furthermore,  I cannot deny imagining a Solo Show in New York.






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