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Stanislav Bojankov


Q. Tell us about yourself and how you became an artist ...

A. I am a freelance artist living in a beautiful countryside in Bulgaria, south of Sofia. I am surrounded by beautiful nature as well as artifacts from the rich culture and history of the people who lived in this area - starting with primitive art, ancient Greece, Byzantium and Orthodoxy, as well as the period of Ottoman civilization. Becoming an artist became quite natural and logical in the atmosphere of the cultural and historical environment around me. Along with the need for expression and self-identification inherent in every young person seeking himself.


Q. Describe your work in three words ...

A. Emotional, spontaneous, sincere - I hope!


Q. When do you do your best job?

A. I begin each new work with the thought of the best I can give, create, and embed in the context of these three words of the previous question.


Q. What impact do traditional cultures have on your work?

A. For me, traditional cultures are one of the main sources of creativity. I grew up among the artifacts of many cultures and civilizations that underlie European culture as a whole, and which have given me a basis for my search - and the most important search - the question of who I am, who the people around me are - the most important question in life.


Q. Silence or sound while creating? If sound, what?

A. Sounds!… Many sounds that charge me, inspire me and give a background to the sensations, and their formation in color and art form. It's mostly jazz - a lot of jazz, world music - from different continents, but also classical music - only the best examples…


Q. An artist whose career you want?

A. I like my career. I don't want anyone else. Only I know the difficulties and obstacles I had to deal with in the difficult path of a freelance artist living in a poor post-communist country, far from the free and quality art market.


Q. Does art make you therapeutic?

A. Yes, it can be said that art has a therapeutic effect not only for the viewer but also for the creator of art forms. And it is no coincidence that when for some reason I am separated from my studio, from my daily creation and creativity, it does not reflect well on my spirit, tone and self-confidence. I am used to visiting my studio every day-painting, reading , to listen to music - all activities that charge creativity.


Q. What are you most proud of?

A. By resisting the negative things in the socio-economic life around me and in the world, and being able to remain a freelance artist, to have my time - both my life and creative time, and to be able to afford to paint according to my understandings and criteria and not according to the pressure of the commercial era around.


Q. What do you see doing in 5 years

A. The same as now, with the same sincerity, good feelings and positive vibes… Simply put - with the same love.


Q. If you could travel wherever and create for a while, where would you am i going?

A. In the studio-there is give a good charge and momentum. Otherwise, I have traveled a lot, I have lived a lot abroad - I graduated in Krakow, Poland, one of the pearls of European civilization - a city full of examples of culture and history.

Q. If you could drink with an artist, who would you be?

A. With Jackson Pollock - one of the classics of contemporary art, but not only that he is also one of the classics in the discipline of "drinking". Otherwise, I don't drink alcohol in my life…


Q. What messages or emotions do you hope to convey to yours audience?

A. I hope that my works are rich in emotions, feelings and love, as well as deep and full of different meanings… And that the audience chooses, feels and empathizes with my art. To have the freedom to be my co-authors and interpreters of my spiritual vibrations.

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