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Theresa Goessmann




Theresa Goessmann (Born 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, fashion and print designer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2018 with a Master of Fine Art, her work was shortlisted for the Tiffany & Co. X Studiomakers Award.

Q. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist...

A. I have always been drawing or doing something creative. After I finished high school in Germany, I studied Fashion Design before I did my MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London. To be embedded into the creative scene there was so motivating and shaped my practice in the most profound way. The people I met on the course are so diversely talented, sincere and remain close friends, even now that I moved back to Hamburg. I have a small studio share here and am working on my own as well as collaborative projects. The connection between fashion and art continues to inspire me. I have recently done some drawings for a fashion designer, which she turned into a print, that was a super fun project. 


Q. Describe your work in three words… 

A. Intuitive, Delicate, Loose 


Q. When do you make your best work? 

A. In solitude, when I don’t feel any pressure and can just let go. When there are no distractions, my hand just moves intuitively and quickly, before I can overthink or even plan anything. It’s like a state of flow. 

Q. What influences do traditional cultures have on your work?

A. My influences are really diverse I would say. Coming from a fashion background, I never had a traditional fine art training, most of what I know is self-taught. I am constantly learning and have always been fascinated by art history, too. But mostly I try to disconnect from direct influences and work spontaneously, letting a momentarily mood takeover. Sometimes I only realize afterwards what influenced me, it’s a kind of self-discovery. 


Q. Silence or sound while creating? If sound, what?

A. Depends on my mood, but mostly sound. Recently I have been playing Biig Piig, Rhye, Lykke Li, Massive Attack, Billie Eilish, Daniel Ceaser, Hope Tala, Yellow Days, …


Q. Artist whose career you covet?

A. So many that I struggle to name just one! Icons like Matisse, Rothko, Jean Arp, George Braque, Calder… contemporary ones like Simon Mullan, Wes Lang, Daniel Silver and Sterling Ruby because they branch out and collaborate with fashion brands and other creatives. I like that kind of interaction between different disciplines.

Q. Is art making therapeutic for you?

A. Yes, it has always been.


Q. What are you most proud of?

A. I think learning about myself, realizing who I am and who I want to become. I didn’t alway have the courage to call myself an artist. I still have a long way to go, but practicing self-awareness and reflecting on my decisions helps me personally and in my work.


Q. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

A. I just want to create. I am hoping to have my own studio space soon, where I can store all my work, be messy and feel completely free to immerse myself in art every day.

Q. If you could travel anywhere to create for a while, where would you go?

A. Somewhere by the sea. I find the ocean calming and energizing at the same time. To have a bright studio, filled with sunlight, warmth and peace would be a dream.


Q. If you could have a drink with one artist, who would it be?

A. I’d love to meet the Bauhaus Women, like Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl or Benita Koch-Otte and get a tour of their studios!


Q. What messages or emotions do you hope to convey to your audience?

A. I don’t want to prescribe any reactions to my works. I like when art effects a range of associations in different people, because even brings their own frame of emotions to a work. That means the piece is alive in a way.


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