Sacrée Frangine is a creative duo of artistic directors and illustrators composed of Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade.

First friends from childhood, it is around a mint tea that they decide in 2016 to unite their love of graphics and colors around common projects.

The Fraternities' works are inspired by portraits, still lifes and feminine themes that explore the beauty of simple things and everyday life. They express themselves through minimalist compositions that focus on the harmony of shapes and colours, playing with wide coloured flat surfaces.

Combining figuration and abstraction, they share a light and aesthetic universe that is articulated around positive values in which everyone can find themselves.



L'illustre Semaine - Paris
Atelier Cascade - Paris

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Q. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist...

A. We have been friends since elementary school and have received the same training in visual communication. After a few years as artistic director in design agencies in Paris, we quickly wanted to work on creations that allow us to express ourselves more freely. Our Sacrée Frangine duo was born from this common desire to create projects more in tune with our personality and illustration was a first way to share our ideas.


Q. Describe your work in three words…

A. Minimalist, soft, graphic


Q. What motivated and inspired you to create Sacrée Frangine as a collaborative artistic Endeavour?

A. From our invitation cards for our birthday parties to our various projects in art schools, we have always been used to creating together. We love the concept of collaboration, bringing a project or idea to life by meeting different influences and different sensibilities. It was also more reassuring and stimulating to embark on this new adventure together.


Q. What is your creative process?

A. Our work starts with a detail that inspires us; a photo, an atmosphere, an attitude, a word. After a rough sketch we first work in masses of one or two colours before adding the texture and refining our colour palette.


Q. Which part of your artistic process is most exciting for you?

A. Colouring, the last step in our creative process.  Colour has the power to convey a palette of emotions at infinie and it is through this medium that we take the most pleasure in expressing ourselves.

Q. Where do you find inspiration in daily life and in your environment?

A. Our work is inspired by women's themes and portraits. Women in their diversity is undoubtedly the subject that fascinates us the most and that we like to explore the most. We also think that the most beautiful stories are found in simple things and that every little detail of everyday life offers a subject to illustrate. A position, a table corner in summer, a relative, an outfit, a meeting, a conversation...


Q. Tell us about the process behind your common practice.

A. Our creations are imbued with each other's vision throughout our creative process. It is divided into several very distinct stages that allow both of them to express themselves individually in a common creation.


Q. How do your individual practices match in Sacrée Frangine?

A. What makes the strength of our work is precisely the expression of our own influences via design, shape or colour. We transcribe what we love and what we see in our daily lives. The people who inspire us, whether we meet or get to know them, a moment of life that touched us, an emotion we would like to share.

Q. Who are some contemporaries or figures in art history who have influenced you?

A. Matisse is one of our strongest influences. We particularly admire his latest work in cut paper where he "draws in colour". In more contemporary artists we like the graphic and colorful work of Laurence Leenaert (Lrnce), the universe of Asiyami Gold or the sensitivity of the photographer Denisse Ariana Pérez.


Q. Are there any quotes or mantras that you particularly connect with?

A. « You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. » Maya Angelou

Q. What messages or emotions do you hope to convey to your audience?

A. We try to transcribe simple emotions with positive visuals that express notions of caring, tolerance and living together.


Q. What makes you laugh?

A. Girlfriends' evenings and Jack Jack of the Indestructibles.


Q. What makes you nervous?

A. SNCF, plastic bags and global warming, the +4 at the UNO.


Q. What makes you excited about the future?

A. Continue to learn and grow in a field that we love, develop our activity according to our aspirations and desires or the opportunity to meet rewarding people.


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