Shipping & Delivery

Madder currently ships to Europe, United States and Canada. All orders are packaged by hand with special care to protect your artworks by specialised carriers.

We are working on bringing Madder everywhere around the world.

Email us if you are interested in artwork and let us know where you live!


Delivery Time

Delivery time will depend on your country of residence and where the artwork is being shipped from. As soon as the artist has confirmed your order and shipped your artwork, you'll receive an email indicating the carrier's name, the tracking number, the estimated delivery date and your invoice.

If you have any queries (e.g. to request an earlier or later delivery date) or if you'd like more details about your order's progress, feel free to contact our customer service team (



Once you've placed your order, the artist has 5 business days to confirm that the artwork is available and dispatch it. In most cases, this step proceeds quickly and the artwork is promptly dispatched.

However, there are a few rare cases where the order may be rejected or delayed. For example, the artwork may have been sold in an gallery or at an art fair a few days prior to your order; the artwork may be being exhibited at a fair; or the artist may be unavailable due to a business trip, holidays, and so on. If this is the case, you will be notified and, if applicable, you will be refunded. Our customer service team reviews each case individually and is always on hand to assist you.


 International Taxes & Duties